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How to Use a Purse Hook

Here are some easy instructions on how to use a purse hook (or handbag hanger) to hang your purse from a restaurant table, bar or other surface. Using a purse hook keeps your purse safely in sight and off of the dirty floor.


Step 1

Unfold the purse hook.

Step 2

Hang the purse hook on the edge of the table (or other surface) with the hook dangling underneath.  The rubber backing prevents the hook from slipping or damaging the table surface.

Step 3

Hang your purse straps over the hookThe weight of your bag combined with the shape of the hook works to keep your handbag securely in place. 


These pretty, high-quality purse hooks can be used to hang your handbag from restaurant tables, bars, dressing rooms, and even in restroom stalls (over the stall wall or grab bar), when there is no clean, convenient place to set your things. Some other creative uses for purse hooks are to hang jackets, diaper bags, umbrellas, and gym bags.

Share your creative use for purse hooks.



From Our Customers:how-to-use-a-purse-hook.jpg

“At Christmas time, my purse hooks double as a pretty way to hang our stockings from the fireplace mantel.” – Pam D.

“These purse hooks are gorgeous and well made. I've seen other purse hooks and they were a bit cheesy. But this one is really nice. Useful at restaurants, public restrooms, dressing rooms, etc. A must have for every woman.” – Jeanette J.

I chose the white pearls as it makes for a highly versatile fashion statement. I love how everyone comments on how pretty and functional it is. The extra length is amazing. I have another hook that doesn't fit around a lot of tables so the length is a huge plus for me. I also haven't had any problems with heavy purses bending or tweaking the hook. I may have to get the another to have different styles for all types of events.” – Sarah R.

"…I have never had one of these before but always wanted to try it. It is everything I hoped it would be, but most of all it is convenient! I hate laying my purse on the floor of a restroom stall, because the hook on the back of the door is missing. This is the best! It fits easily into the small pocket on the front of my purse. It is elegant too. I am so happy with this product, all the ladies on my gift list will be getting one. It is so cute!" - Jill B.

“I use my purse hook to hang my handbag everywhere. And, after being grossed out by what I set my baby’s diaper bag in the other day, I now carry two purse hooks with me – one for my purse and one for the diaper bag.” – Sharon S.

"This purse  hook is just as pretty in real life as it is in this picture.  It's easy to use.  It unfolds to create a hook and has a recessed grip pad on the underside. Then when finished it folds up very nice and compactly. It is about the circumference of a silver dollar. Another great thing about it is because it's so cute and attractive, when you are getting ready to leave a restaurant, it catches your eye and reminds you to grab your purse." - Tina L.

“I love having my purse off the floor at resturants, bathrooms,etc. Safer than a chair back. Stays in place and doesn't slip. Prettier and stronger than ones I've seen in stores. Folds conveniently in my purse. Love it!” – Pam S.